A new blog for the new year

Yeah i know it's almost june, but the idea for this was last year.


I used to have a blog, still available at jibhaine.fr, i gave it up around the time social networks rose to popularity and everyone that had a blog was posting stuff on facebook or twitter. There are too many social networks today, having control of what everyone publishes. This site is my attempt at taking back what i can of my identity online.

What you'll find here

mainly articles about web development, tutorials on angular, and other technologies if i'm motivated.

Technical stack & roadmap

This "blog" is built with angular and scully I'll build it in the open on github, here are some of the features planned :

Technical roadmap

  • internationalization english / french
  • RSS feed
  • links to share articles on social network
  • projects list / timeline type of articles
  • analytics
  • reactions on blog posts

Be seeing you :wave: